Volume 1 | 2016


Volume 1 | 2016
Article Id Authors Paper Title(Click on Paper Tilte to Download in Pdf) Page No.
IJSMER201601 Prashant Sen, Anil Pimpalapure, Shagufta Khan Challenge to Indian Conventional Retail Industries-E-Commerce 1-5
IJSMER201602 Anukriti Goutam, Shagufta Khan Survey Paper on Challenges of Big Data and Cloud Computing 6-9
IJSMER201603 Dr. Shuchita Agrawal Drug -Metal Complexes in Research - A Review 10-11
IJSMER201604 Dr. Albha Tiwari, Dr.Jayant Dubey An Analytical Study Nutritional and Fast Food Habits Among Adolescents 12-18
IJSMER201605 Er. Mayank Hardikar Amendment in Two-Wheeler Silencer 19-21
IJSMER201606 Rajeev Saraswat, Prashant Sen Study of Design & Implementation of High Performance Digital Circuits Using Genetic Algorithms 22-24
IJSMER201607 Govind sahu, M.R. Aloney Note on almost P-Projective Modules 25-29
IJSMER201608 Miss Shraddha Shrivastava,Prashant Sen,Anil Pimplapure "Improved I/O Performance Using Flexible Data Analytics for Hadoop Heterogeneous Environment" 30-34
IJSMER201609 Ms. Neha Chaturvedi,Mrs. Richa Jain,Anil Pimplapure Improving MapReduce Performance in Heterogeneous Environments 35-42
IJSMER201610 Vikash Yadav,Shagufta Khan,Anil Pimplapure An Analytical Study Nutritional and Fast Food Habits Among Adolescents 43-47
IJSMER201611 Subodh Dixit, Mr.Manish Trivedi,Kamal Niwariya "Designing A High Speed Universal Integrated Multiplier Circuit Using Vedic Mathematics" 48-53
IJSMER201612 Agrawal Shuchita,Joshi Ajit,Jain Sanchita Structural and Antimicrobial Studies of Ni (II)-5-Fluorouracil Complex 54-57
IJSMER201613 Roopali Vishwakarma, Prashant Sen, Anil Pimplapure A Survey on Security Issues in Cloud Computing 58-61
IJSMER201614 Govind Kurmi, Dr. M. K. Chopra Comparative Analysis of R-134a and Zeotropic Blend by Using Vapour Compression Refrigeration Test Rig 62-68
IJSMER201615 Roopkishore Rajak, Dr. M. K. Chopra Performance Analysis of Four Stroke Compression Ignition Engine by Using N-Butanol Diesel Blend fuel and Gas analyzer 69-75
IJSMER201616 Rajeev Saraswat, Dr. L.S. Titare Review Paper on Analysis of (UWB) Ultra Wide Band Printed Antenna 76-81
IJSMER201617 Ashish Khare, Suyash Kamal Soni, Jitendra Yadav Production Oriented Study of HEV & HHV for Optimising Overall Performance 82-87
IJSMER201618 Rajeev Saraswat, Dr. L.S. Titare Study & Performance Analysis of (UWB) Ultra Wide Band Printed Antenna Using CST 88-93
IJSMER201619 Rajeev Saraswat, Dr. L.S. Titare Review Paper on Analytical Study of Active Power Filters,Karmonic disturbance and their Application for Power Quality Improvement 94-98
IJSMER201620 Rajeev Saraswat, Dr. L.S. Titare Simulative Analysis & Power Quality Improvement of Shunt Active Power Filter 99-103
IJSMER201621 Kamlesh Kumar, P.S. Kumar Study of Challenges in Big Data Analytics and Deep learning Applications 104-113
IJSMER201622 Prof. B. P. Krishnan Reduction of Nodes in large graphs by Optimized Relativity Search Method 114-123
IJSMER201623 Dr. T. K. Ghose Analytical Study of Motivations of Conventional Scientists
And Commercial Scientists
IJSMER201624 Ribwar A Rahman Analytical Study of SMEs 135-146
IJSMER201625 Dev Pratap Singh Hands-off control, Discrete-Time Control Optimal Control Predictive Control, Green Control by Sparse Optimization 147-154
IJSMER201626 U. K. Bhatt Fourier coefficients of meromorphic Jacobi forms of negative index 155-161
IJSMER201627 Ni Made Ruastiti Tek Tok Dance A Balinese Performing Art-Based Tourist Attraction 162-166
IJSMER201628 Dr. P.K.Mehta Analytical Study of Consumer Behaviour Over Economic Newspapers 167-171
IJSMER201629 Priyanka SenVikas Kumar Role of Hadoop in IT 172-174
IJSMER201630 Prashant Sen Analytical Study of HDFS 175-183
IJSMER201631 Preeti Vishwakarma Effects of Simulative Study of Quantum Chemistry Over High School Students 184-187
IJSMER201632 Kalpana Vishwakarma Study and Evaluation of Quantum Atomic Physics 188-191
IJSMER201633 Rajeshwari Nema, Mrs. Sahana T. Edwin A Review: Load balancing Algorithm Using Cloud Analyst Environment 192-197
IJSMER201634 Dr. J.C. Kanojiya Globalization of International Marketing Management 198-201
IJSMER201635 Rupali Vishwakarma, Mrs. Sahana T. Edwin Fully Homomorphic Encryption Algorithm Equating To Cloud Security 202-208
IJSMER201636 Mayank Hardikar, Himanshu Hardikar Efficient and Economic Approach: Hand Made Paper Recycling Technology 209-214
IJSMER201637 Monish Awasthi, Anurag Chaturvedi, Shailendra Yadav Review Paper on Image Processing 215-217
IJSMER201638 Vijendra Patel, Soumitra Pandey Review Paper: Low Noise Amplification CMOS Technique 218-221
IJSMER201639 Umesh Kumar Pandey, Nitin Vishwakarma, Akash Tomar, Shailendra Yadav Review Paper on Process of Supply Chain Management 222-225
IJSMER201640 Anuj Nema, Rajeev Kosti, Shailendra Yadav Review paper on Power Distribution and Power Grid Utilization 226-230
IJSMER201641 Dr. CH. A. I. Raju, G. Krishna kanth, K. Satyanandam, K. Prem and Prof. P. J. Rao Biosynthesis of Zinc Nano Particles Using Plant Extracts And Their Applications on Synthetic Dyes 231-241
IJSMER201642 Shivangni Mishra,Mrs. Sahana T. Edwin A Review of Data Sharing in Cloud Storage with Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem  241-245

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